VERTICAL-BOX: Intermittent vertical cartoning machine

A versatile packing solution

This cartoning machine, working in intermittent motion, has been design to meet the currents needs of the market, being suitable for several industries: perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, food industry... Versatility, small size, possibility of automation and easy change of formats are just some of its advantages.

Thanks to this machine it is possible to obtain a production of 45 – 50 units per minute, working with up to 280-mm boxes, depending on the machine model. The product can be manually our automatically fed into the machine, and the flaps can be mechanically closed or sealed by hot-melt application, with a hot glue equipment.

This machine has been recently improved to facilitate the manual feeding of the product by 1 to 4 operators. It is the Vertical-Box version VERTICAL-BOX-OV.


203F01 estuchadora vertical

VERTICAL-BOX-OV cartoning machine

203F02 estuchadora latas

VERTICAL-BOX cartoning machine