PACKET: Cartoning machine for cans

One of the best packing solutions for all the canned food industry

Continuous cartoning machine for medium to high volume productions, offering a speed up to 400 packs per minute. This machine has positionned the brand ESQUERDA as leading company for the Spanish canned food industry.

The PACKET sleeving machine is designed to meet the current market needs for the cartoning of cans in groups of 1, 2, 3 and 4 units, and up to 6 units in a double deck. This way the machine is suitable for a wide range of formats.

- Hot-melt sealing of flaps, including the hot-melt glue equipment.
- All the operations are carried out in continuous motion.
- As an option, automatic feeding of cans by means of a loading hopper.

This cartoning machine can be manufactured in three different versions, which in turn can be fitted for one stack packs or two stack packs.

  •  MODEL PACKET-3/75 – for 75 packs per minute.
  •  MODEL PACKET-3/200 – for 200 packs per minute.
  •  MODEL PACKET-3/400 – for 400 packs per minute.


204F01 enfajadora

Automatic PACKET cartoning machine

204F02 enfajadora Packet

PACKET cartoning machine for canned food