Quality & engineering

Quality certification and engineering designs.

Our Quality Department considers all the regulations for each sector, and our R+D Department researches the new technologies which can be applied to each project.

Our engineers adapt their designs to the needs of the customers, who may need a CIP cleaning system or a filling machine using cylinders with sanitary construction.

In case of liquid filling machines for certain products, both the body and valves of the cylinders, as well as the nozzles and hoses, are made in titanium, whereas the rest of the parts in contact with the product are manufactured in stainless steel, or in PVC if the liquids to be filled are corrosive or hypo chlorites.

All our machines integrate the electrical box with a control panel to facilitate human machine interaction, as well as a touch screen for message displays and adjustments. Besides there is always the possibility to include an Ethernet connection for possible assistance via internet.

In case of potentially explosive atmospheres, we offer ATEX equipments, which can be installed in all the types of machines.



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